The "ALL IN ONE" Myth

The All-in-one" Advantage???

This homeowner called Jay of Massillon, OH who was a dealer for a different gutter protector system because he wasn't happy with how his present system, depicted here, was working.

They say why buy a gutter and a cover to go on top when you can buy an "all-in-one" unit?
An "all-in-one" installation
The only hope of this system working  is to have extra large downspouts installed.

Standard 2"x3" downspout is on the left.
Commercial 3"x4" downspout is on the right.
Normal & Supersized Downspouts
This is  what a huge commercial 3"x4" elbow looks like.

This huge elbow is connected to that huge leader shown above.  Notice how small the all-in-one gutter is in comparison.
Supersized Elbow
No, this is not a "before" picture, it is an "after" picture.  It shows what happened after this all-in-one system was in operation for a couple of years.

The bottom of the downspout is plugged with leaves.
This downsput shouldn't be clogged.
This is what was happening in the all in-one advantage.

It doesn't look like an advantage to me.

I gotta tell you, there's more to this story than leaves in the gutter
This doesn't look like an advantage to me.  We tried to turn the thing upside down to make the leaves fall out but the leaves are stuck in there.
Is anyone home in there? Yes, I see you.  You have friends in there! Wish I could see more of you, I know you're in there.
I gotta tell you, there's more to this story than leaves in the gutter.
Wait till you see how this thing is put together and installed.
That's nasty! Exposed fascia board.  Who'd ever think to paint it? Extreme gutter slop to help move the leaves along.
I just wonder how they collect valley water?  This must be it.

But why do they have holes in the top of the corner thing?

Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
Why holes on top? Isn't that just like a screen.
Here's another one of those corner things.  I thought the leaves were supposed to blow off.

Hey, so what -- it's dirty!
Anything would get dirty in this environment.
But, it's what's inside that counts.
I guess you have to get a ladder to clean these.
Look at that big flat thing on the end of the bottom gutter.  What gives?

What's doing on with the end of the upper gutter?
Looks like they really have to get the water going down hill fast so it will get those leaves down those commercial downspouts

And really, doesn't something look out of balance-- the size of those leaders compared to the size of the "all-in-one" contraption?

Several bad things in this picture.
Peek-a-boo! I see you!
Are you the head of a little bird or a leaf? Having fun in there?
More leaves in the gutter and sloppy installation underneath the gutter end.
So What's the name of this "all-in-one" contraption?

Is that a stem sticking out from just above that finger that got in the picture?
Here is this products identity.
What do you get with this "all-in-one" contraption?

I guess more downspout, more leaves inside, and more fascia board to paint?

And do you think that any other brand of "all-in-one" will be better?